Ocak 9, 2016
Eylül 1, 2016


The major ethnical cleansing spurt is accomplished by so called president Assad, who has earned the biggest foe of humanity title for the dreadful cruelty tuned by his forces and the hate for his own nation. His orders are a reflection of his puppeteers that wildly claim many innocent lives of Arabs and Turkmen. Kurds, on the other hand, are safe and sound as they have no casualties from Assad’s attacks, which brings out the unknown equilibrium between Assad and PYD/YPG. The Syrian Kurds are, however, no one’s enemy as it has been stated especially by USA. Political trick behind PYD/YPG is a part of the ethnical cleaning of the Kurdish Corridor that would connect Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) of Northern Iraq to Mediterranean.

The Arabs and Turkmen would be eliminated from so called corridor and the governing power would be delivered to Kurds, who can easily be controlled either politically or financially since they have no state experience or toppling an unwanted political figure would only require a twist of one’s little finger.

The application of a Kurdish Corridor has never been an easy task, which is why a terrorist organization named Daesh took the stage. The success of Kurds (PYD/YPG) was dependent on its counterpart Daesh. This terrorist organization had to separate and occupy Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria so that PYD/YPG by the help of the actuator PKK, could form a military that can place order within the corridor’s perimeter. The third, but probably the most dangerous and indigestible one, was Daesh’s demolishment of culture, ethnicity and religion. The damage Daesh has given to the region, has changed a lot the balances in the region.

How successful the ugly game to prepare a Kurdish state/corridor in the region is questionable since the current picture suggests that all the opponents are fighting against Daesh but none of them except the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Turkey engage actively with Daesh and the fact that Turkey disagrees about PYD/YPG and claims it a terrorist group, which contends USA’s vision for the region. There seems to be hard days for USA to clean up its mess in the Middle East or be the state behind a few terrorist puppets that will eventually harm the puppeteer.

So what is the main aim behind a Kurdish corridor in the region? Why is there a necessity for such corridor? Are those great powers really puppeteers and those fighting forces really the puppets? How real are the conspiracy theories? How can the energy game change the balances and alter the borders of the political influence? Do Kurds have enough experience to cope with the dreadful end of disturbing Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria?

by Necdet Karakurt & Oguzhan Akyener


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Necdet Karakurt
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