Ağustos 30, 2017


Energy Policy Turkey (EPT), now widely recognized and followed throughout the world, has been focusing on energy strategies and policies in and around Turkey or wherever Turkey is involved in “The Energy Game”. EPT performs countrywide, regional and worldwide studies and analysis to make the best judgement on policies for energy supply-demand chain, security, and energy routes, energy related regional and international conflicts, etc.

EPT’s previous issues have made bold statements about Turkey to finally take the initiative in the balance of world’s energy equation. The vast reserves of the Middle East and Africa regions have been ridiculed by terror and tribal confrontations, international disputes and fights and even wars. The West has been the authority in those regions by using divide-separate-manage rule; however, a few Eastern countries such as Turkey, Russia and China have stood up against the Western hegemony in energy matters. The shining stars of the East are now balancing the energy equation and reshaping the key elements of the global energy game.

by Necdet KARAKURT :

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