Mart 25, 2020
Nisan 24, 2020

Editor’s Note

Energy Policy Turkey (EPT), now widely recognized and followed throughout the world, has focused on energy strategies and policies all around the world. EPT evaluates countrywide, regional and worldwide studies and do analysis to have a deeper understanding on policies for energy supply-demand chain, security, and energy routes, energy related regional and international conflicts, etc. EPT’s previous issues have proposed worldwide detailed statements to understand and shape the key elements of the global energy game.


Recently, the Coronovirus (aka Covid-19) pandemic has spread all over the world beginning from China in November 2019. Initially, it was thought as an endemic (like flu) affecting a region of China (Wuhan) having faced many endemic crisis before, and also Chinese government tried to cover the issue by suppressing voices of pandemic in the country, sharing very limited information with the world countries and the World Health Organization (WHO). Moreover, the WHO’s contradictory statements and being late for announcing the Coronavirus as pandemic, accelerated spread speed of the virus.


Without any vaccine or known treatment the Covid-19 spreads very quickly killing may people not only China but also Italy, Iran, Spain, France, the UK and the USA, and weakening world economies resulting recession, depreciation or slumpflation for countries. In this issue we focused on energy (globally and regionally) and economic (in the context of globalization) impact of the Covid-19. In addition, an article is about the virus from the biological warfare perspective.


We look forward to your support, suggestions, productive criticism and advertise with our paper.

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