Energy Alliance in a Turbulent Region: The Implications of The East Med Gas Forum for Turkey and North Cyprus (TRNC)
Mart 25, 2020
Editor’s Note
Nisan 23, 2020



Energy Policy Turkey (EPT), now widely recognized and followed throughout the world, has focused on energy strategies and policies all around the world. EPT evaluates countrywide, regional and worldwide studies and do analysis to have a deeper understanding on policies for energy supply-demand chain, security, and energy routes, energy related regional and international conflicts, etc. EPT’s previous issues have proposed worldwide detailed statements to understand and shape the key elements of the global energy game.

Recently, Eastern Mediterranean has been increasingly in the centre of attention worldwide for the natural resources found in it. The energy with the discovery of oil and gas has been one of dominant factors affecting the policies of the countries worldwide for this region over the last 10 years and future policies of the countries are expected to be affected by the activities for these natural resources. But the question is were those policies well understood and investigated.

Even though it is quite important to realize many countries have been proposing policies for some of the countries in the middle east with high hydrocarbon reserves such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iran, and Iraq for the energy resources uncovered in this region. Also, Turkey with its strategic position and power, is one of the major players in this region for the stability of the Middle East. Therefore, it is very much significant to comprehend and analyse well the events happening around us and develop good strategies for the region’s security and well-being. Therefore, the main objective of this special issue of Energy Policy Journal, is to cover the energy resources as well as related activities in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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