Energy Policy Turkey is pleased to invite energy experts to submit articles to be published in its “Future Issues”.

As it is well known, EPT aims to connect motivated individuals and experts in energy industry. Excelled researchers and practitioners are highly encouraged to take part in our Energy Policy Turkey family that has become a great milestone in Turkey’s and a few other countries’ energy strategies and policies. We are proud of utilization of our strategical approaches by the government institutions and officials on Presidency, Prime Ministry, Energy Ministery, Foreign Affairs Ministry, Energy Related Diplomats and also Private or Sectoral Companies and Affiliations.

EPT, in general, aims to overlook at “Turkey, to be an Energy Leader” or better to say “Establisment of A Safer World of Energy without terrorism and chaos”.

It is obvious that changes in the world’s energy equilibrium provide a great opportunity for developing countries to achieve greater advancements through brilliant strategies and reshaped energy policies. Turkey’s upperhand positioning in “The New Energy Era” will definitely make the World a better and safer place to live, ending turbulence in the heart of the World’s great energy resources.

We -as the energy professionals- have to stand firm to reshape the “Energy Politics” by characterizing well designed strategies to lead Turkey -A country, whose main aim is to save human lives in all circumstances- to become a standalone energy leader.

Energy Policy Turkey encaurages its experts to dig into aspects of becoming an energy leader and has summarized certain topics that will highlight Turkey’s and the World’s energy future in the next issues.

See below for a brief explanation of our next issues’ topics that are outlined. Authors are cordially invited to participate in any of the categories in accordance with their expertise. Energy Policy Turkey will always value abstracts and articles with unique approaches that are not included in the listed categories.



Throughout history, the Turkic world has never given up the idea of becoming together and establishing global peace and order. In this context, many attempts have been made and some successes have been achieved individually. Today, cooperation processes are tried to be developed within many organizations. However, the desired domain has not been achieved yet. It is obvious that the most important leverage that will trigger cooperation processes in the Turkic world and provide new capabilities in all other fields, especially finance, is energy. For this reason, it is very important to establish an energy union between the independent Turkish states.

Thus, the topic of the next issue is “Turkic Countries Energy Union” smilar with the topic of the congress held by TESPAM on March 29-31, 2021.


Call for Papers Are Open For the New Issue: February 15th

Due Paper Submission Date: February 15th

Journal to be Published: March 1st


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